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Design Reprographic Supplies

Plotting and Plan Printing

CAD Plotting

Our plotting print service includes high-quality results in colour or mono, with a scaling option for downsizing or enlarging files.

We also provide a wide-format scanning service for businesses within the planning and construction industry.

CAD Plotting Printing Service

Our plotter printers offer a diverse selection, ensuring top-quality A1, A0, and A2 prints with vibrant colours every time.

We provide a competitive plotting and plan printing service. Our goal is to deliver a fast turnaround time to meet the needs of our valued customers.

Architects, engineers, drafters, and landscapers used our reliable large-format printing service due to the quick turnaround.

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Large-Format Scanning

We provide a large-format scanning service in colour and mono plans from any size up to A0 into a digital file of your choice. Many clients choose to have scans of originals for a backup.

We can save the scan of the drawings in many formats including high-resolution PDFs. They can be sent via email or saved on a USB flash drive.


If you require a non-standard print size, our large-format printer allows us to provide a range of sizes. Typically A1 and A0 are commonly used.

For larger sizes over our maximum limit, there will be a longer turnaround.

Please use the size guide below:

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Print File Sources

We work from various digital file types and original hard copies. We accept email attachments, USB flash drives or any online file transfer service.

Types of Plotter Paper

We provide coated and uncoated plotter paper rolls and sheets. Our stock also includes tracing paper, uncoated plotter paper and film.


Where Do I Send My File to Be Printed?

When you send us your file, please don’t forget to include instructions and a deadline. We suggest sending a high-resolution PDF that’s the correct size. Simply email your file to our plots address and we’ll be in touch with you soon.

How Long Will Printing Take?

We can usually print simple and small jobs right away. However, for larger tasks, we typically finish them within 24 hours or sooner on request.

Larger print tasks may require more time, but don’t worry, we always meet the desired deadline.

Our Location

Based in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, our shop is open to the public. For local orders, we provide a collection service. For more information about our additional services please check out our printing section.

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