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Scanning Service

scanning service

A high-quality full colour and monochrome scan service using specialised large format scanners.

We deal with planning and construction industries that require scans of draft drawings, blueprints and plans.

Scanning for large format prints including full colour or mono options, from standard sizes to A1 and A0 plans. The highly efficient scanners are based in-house and can produce digital files for larger drawings with ease without losing any quality.

Drawing Scans

Our large format scanner processes all the details from the copy, providing an accurate digital copy. With various scan settings, we can select the best scanning mode for the copy.

Digital File Format Types

There are many options for scans to be saved digitally, from high-resolution PDFs to jpegs, TIFF and PNGs. Once the scan is complete, the chosen file type will be sent to the email address provided.

How Quick Can You Scan?

If the project requires a quick turnaround due to a tight deadline we will process the scan as a priority to complete it within the given timeframe.

Please give us 1/2 working days to complete. If the scan task requires a quick turnaround then please drop us a message with your requirements. For more than one scan we may need more time to complete the task.

Your Orignal Copy

It is crucial to keep our customer’s original copies safe from damage, especially important documents. We take extra care when scanning original documents, keeping them in a secure area within the office until collection.

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