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90gsm Plotter Paper – Best Value

Plotter paper is a recommended solution for many architects and construction businesses that require large-format printing on a regular basis.

Posted by Stef Cowie

Best Value Plotter Paper

Whether you require a mono or colour plot our 90gsm plotter paper range provides many options for different style prints at a lower cost.

Our 90sm best-value CAD paper produces amazing results for technical documents, draft drawings, Layouts and plots. The uncoated plotter paper is the best option for transportation and use on-site due to its low costs. With its lay-flat qualities, it is often easier to handle than lighter paperweights.

Hard copies of plans tend to get damaged on-site, so one copy may need to be printed numerous times for the same project. Having low-budget plotter paper is a major benefit to big projects due to the number of copies that will be required throughout the process.

Plotter paper size guide

Depending on the large format printer the ink intake can be mono or colour lines on the smooth white inkjet plotter paper. Even though colour is the preferable option, mono is also used for many simple plans such as drawing drafts that don’t contain colour.

Our plotter paper provides many choices when it comes down to sheets and rolls in various sizes. It is always recommended to check the printer can take the size of the plotter paper prior to ordering.

If you require a plotter paper please get in touch to discuss your requirements and then we can match the best option for your project.

80gsm Plotter Paper Rolls

As well as a 90gsm paper-weight option, we have plenty of other options including 80gsm plotter paper rolls in a range of sizes. If your budget is limited, then the 80gsm range might be a suitable alternative for your business projects. The thickness of the 80gsm is slightly less in regards to the quality but this will not impact the printing results. Many businesses use lighter paper weights for draft printing, copies and for simple plot projects.

90gsm Canon plotter paper


Brands include Canon which comes in 75gsm and 90gsm. For projects that don’t require thicker paper the Canon 75gsm plotter paper is recommended. Providing quality Canon plotter paper is also a superb option.


Plotter Sheets

With superb printing capabilities, plotter sheets are a great option for stunning quality. We provide plotter sheets in our best value range, options include A1 and A2 sheets.

Coated Plotter Paper Sheets
90gsm Plotter paper sheets

Plotter sheets are ideal for plotter printers and desktop printers with the ability to print at larger sizes. These sheets are recommended for plots and draft drawings. Check out our best value range of 90gsm CAD sheets.

Best Value Plotter Paper

We provide quality 90gsm plotter paper in our best value range. Check out our plotter paper selection for more options for your projects. Get in touch for details about the best suited CAD paper for your requirements.

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