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Encapsulating & Laminating

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Providing quality laminating and encapsulation services for various tasks. We regularly laminate from ‘credit card’ size all the way up through to A5, A4, A3, A2, A1, A0 + and anything in between. Laminated and encapsulated prints can be used with dry-wipe pens which will easily wipe clean. The Gloss finish tends to colours vibrant enhancing posters and promotions.

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Lamination vs Encapsulation

Laminating is purely a method that uses a thin sheet of clear plastic on one or both sides of a print, the layer helps protect it from damage and smudging. Most commonly used for outer covers, corporate office signs, promotions or events.

Encapsulation still uses a clear plastic sheet but is slightly different due to the fact the thickness and grades of the plastic can be changed to suit the project. It’s more protective than laminating and mainly used for menus, important signage, ID badges for workplaces and at events due to long-lasting layers.

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