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Laminating Service


Laminating various documents creates a layer of protection to important notices, posters and building plans.

Providing quality laminating and encapsulation services for various tasks.

Our laminating and encapsulation service includes a quality film that helps protect important documents from the elements.

We regularly laminate from ‘credit card’ sizes up to A4, A3, A2, A1, A0 + and anything in between.

The laminator machine takes time to warm up to the correct temperature, with this in mind all laminating tasks will need to be left at the store. Once it is complete we will notify you. 

Types of Laminating :

  • Presentation Posters
  • Building Plans
  • Maps
  • A-boards
  • Outdoor Promotions
  • Events

Laminating Benefits 

Laminating is purely a method that uses a thin sheet of clear plastic on one or both sides of a print, the layer helps protect it from damage and smudging. Most commonly used for outer covers, corporate office signs, promotions or events.

Is Encapsulation the Same?

Encapsulation still uses a transparent plastic sheet but is slightly different because the thickness and grades of the plastic can be changed to suit the project. It’s more protective than laminating and mainly used for menus, important signage, and ID badges for workplaces and events due to its long-lasting layers.

How Long Will it Take?

We would need any print that requires lamination left with us as there is a 48-hour turnaround, if the job is urgent we will endeavour to complete it within the timeframe. 

For larger lamination copies such as A0, there is a longer turnaround time. Ideally, we need a week’s notice for anything on this scale.

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