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A Guide To Canvas Fabric

Canvas fabric is a heavy-duty, durable and tightly woven fabric used for art prints, photographs, outerwear and promotions.

Posted by Stef Cowie

Canvas fabric is commonly made from cotton, although synthetic fibres are also used, it’s a great material for strength and sturdiness.

Canvas Materials

Poly-cotton fabric is water-resistant but is only recommended for indoor use, as excess water would damage the fabric over time. The natural feel and blend of synthetic cotton fabrics create intense depth when inks are applied. With all the positives the print results will create a superb canvas print. Tear resistance is also an added benefit when looking at the poly-cotton options.

Abstract art on canvas
Abstract art on canvas

A quality heavy-duty canvas fabric will be strong and provide sturdyness. The 380gsm SIHL canvas satin fabric which is highly recommended due to the heavy coated paper weight is popular among many artists. It’s a sturdy fabric that is available in various sizes.

Polyester canvas fabric is low in cost and also provides durability. Another option is the 260gsm Canon Poly Canvas fabric which is great for lower budgets. Originally, polyester was created as an alternative to other natural materials such as leather. It has great benefits for canvas prints as it’s more flexible and wrinkle-resistant, creating super prints.

Canvas Fabric Options:

  • Drop Cloth – This is mainly used for protective sheets within the painting industry. The main benefit is that it covers floors and furniture.
  • Duck Canvas – The most popular workwear fabric due to the heavy, plain-woven cotton fabric. Benefits include the ability to block wind which is useful on building sites.
  • Needle Point Canvas – An open-weave fabric that is mainly used for needlepoint designs and embroidery.
  • Organic Canvas – Is 100% organic natural cotton. Most commonly used for construction, fine art and upholstery.
  • Polyester-Cotton Blend Canvas – a great option for the craft industry due to the multi-purpose elements.
  • Waxed Canvas – The wax coating is used for making bags, jackets, and outdoor gear.

Canvas fabric comes in a wide range of weights, textures and variations. The choice of canvas depends on the desired characteristics like flexibility and rigidity.

Benefits of Canvas Prints

There are many reasons why canvas prints are used. One is the artistic appearance and the addition of increased picture depth due to the texture of the canvas fabric. The canvas materials are robust and with the combination of high-quality ink, the vibrancy lasts much longer compared to alternative options. 

Art print on canvas
Art print on canvas

Keeping the cost down is essential in the current situation so it’s worth knowing that canvas prints often work out cheaper than framing and mounting pictures. They are easy to place on walls and easier to ship than framed art pieces due to the strong and non-breakable materials.

Canvas prints stand out with the 3D effect and are a popular option for workplace wall areas or waiting rooms. They will attract focus especially when placed in an area that enhances the aesthetics within the room. Experimenting with different spaces on walls is always ideal when adding new wall art.

Avoiding the Glare

With matte and satin surfaces available as options, canvas pictures can be hung in light rooms without attracting glare which framed photo frames tend to attract especially when the surface is glossy.

Fabric Sizes

Like with many print media options, there is a range of widths, lengths and core sizes available depending on the desired application. Our selection of wide-format canvas fabric and enhanced ink toners provide superb prints.

Types of Ink

Depending on the printer there are various ink toners on canvas fabric. Pigment inkjet ink is one of the popular toners for art prints due to its resistance to fading and UV rays. With higher colour stability and water-resistant elements, it is an ideal choice.

The other ink is UVGel which provides consistency and reliability. With super adhesion factors and chemical resistance, the instantly dried ink can be handled immediately.

Our Canvas Printing Services

With years of experience within the printing industry, we produce the highest quality canvas for your project. We provide canvas printing using the Canon Pro-4000, one of the best large-format printers in the print industry. With a choice of fabric to choose from, we provide bespoke quotes to match your requirements.

Pop art canvas
Pop art canvas

To start the process we can scan your art piece or if it’s a digital print, all we would need is the print in a high-resolution digital file. Our recommendation would be to provide the file in the correct size.

Our canvas frames are bespoke to fit most sizes requested

We can adjust sizes using Photoshop, however, we would highly recommend that the artwork is provided in the correct size before sending it over. This is to prevent any discrepancy if the file is resized by ourselves. 

Quality Canvas Prints

With quality solid wood stretcher bars, the fabric is carefully stretched to fit over the frames in our workshop. Get in touch to discuss our canvas fabric and print service.

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