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From Imagination to Reality: Concept Art in Video Games

Concept art establishes the feel of a video game by transforming an idea into a design.

Posted by Stef Cowie

In video games, our first instinct is to judge them by their cover. We eagerly watch trailers and scrutinize images that evoke emotions within us. Graphics serve as the key visual element in conveying the essence of the gameplay, while the game art style moulds our perception.

Purchasing Concept Art Prints

Many concept artists sell prints of their video game characters or scenes to admirers either through their own websites or marketplace platforms.


There is a unique market for video game artwork with many buyers creating a space within their gaming room for video game art and merchandise.

Overview of Video Game Art

Game development involves establishing the atmosphere and aesthetic to effectively convey the game’s vision to its players. This is made achievable through concept art, which serves as the initial step in the creative process where many talented artists transform an idea into a captivating visual representation.

Raw Sketches

The process of crafting concept art in games begins with the creation of raw sketches. These sketches serve as a starting point for designers to explore various versions and ultimately settle on the most promising piece during the pre-development stage.



Once the ideal sketch is chosen, it is then passed on to the production team for further enhancements and approval. Your primary task is to assemble a team of talented concept artists who can actively contribute to your game vision and bring it to fruition.

Tips When Creating Concept Art

  • Setting the right tone expresses the look & feel of the game via the prism of characters.
  • Reference points create basic elements of the game for weapons, costumes & scenes.
  • Consistency is imperative as it helps to build a familiarity style throughout the gamer’s experience.

Understanding The Main Concept Art Styles

The video game industry is incredibly competitive, which means game developers need to come up with innovative strategies to make their games stand out. One way they can do this is by using three distinct art styles as the foundation. From these three styles, numerous other styles have emerged.

  • Abstract
  • Stylised
  • Realistic

Types of Video Game Concept Art

The creative character designers are the ones responsible for illustrating the game’s characters. They possess a deep understanding of human anatomy and are well-acquainted with various physical traits.



Environment Concept Art

Concept artists play a crucial role in crafting a one-of-a-kind game environment, providing players with a glimpse of the world they are about to enter. It’s their responsibility to ensure that every aspect of the scene feels authentic and visually captivating, making it a delight for players to explore.


Equipment Art

Artists who illustrate weapons offer valuable insights into the setting of the story. Additionally, the choice of armour or gear for the beloved protagonist can reveal a great deal about their personality and preferences, enhancing the overall experience of the final creation.


Skills Of A Concept Artist

It is imperative to master skills with the fundamentals of art and drawing skills. A degree isn’t essential but having an academic qualification can expand art skills in the following fields:

  • Anatomy
  • Proportion
  • Texture
  • Shadows
  • Sketching
  • Digital Drawings
  • Use of Colours

Other Responsibilities Of An Artist

  • Research – architecture, people, scenes
  • Visual Representations – Moods of the surroundings
  • Providing context & direction
  • Creating personalities & behaviours
  • Updating designs for the target audience


The inclusion of weapons by artists sheds light on the intricacies of the story’s universe. Furthermore, the protagonist’s preferred armour or gear serves as a window into their unique traits and preferences, enriching the final product with a more comprehensive and captivating essence.

Concept art is crucial in translating abstract ideas into a well-crafted design, establishing the game’s look and feel. Without it, even the most casual gamer might perceive the game as unfinished and lacking attention to detail.

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