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Is Etsy Inspiring Artists To Invest in Print Media?

We look at how online marketplace platforms, such as Etsy, are helping with a surge in print media purchases for home studios.

Posted by Stef Cowie

Globally, Etsy has grown with its passion for unique and handmade sellers. It’s a great starting block for artists to showcase their amazing talents. Sellers have turned their art and craft passion into successful Etsy businesses, but with the increase in commercial sellers, competition is high.

Online Marketplaces

As with any online marketplace, there are the standard seller fees but even with this, the opportunities to make a nice profit are beneficial. For many sellers, it becomes full-time work but for others, it’s a nice part-time side hustle.


With the flexibility Etsy provides, it is user-friendly and extremely easy to navigate around when creating a shop. Another benefit is it eliminates the hassle of creating a website from scratch, although this isn’t necessarily a negative.

Selling Prints on Etsy

Many artists create a decent profit from a single art picture when quality reproductions are available. It is a great way to reach more buyers, allowing them to admire and appreciate the art, that otherwise may not have been found.

With the trend of working from home, there has been an increase in fine art paper sales, due to artists setting up an in-house studio. Many sellers have invested in high-spec wide format printers, allowing for full control of the quality output for new orders.


Some sellers use local print houses and work closely with them. With the ability to select the correct paper, many printers will order the paper and keep this specifically for the artist’s prints when orders are placed.


Even though TikTok has only been on the scene since 2016, it has become a fruitful tool for various Etsy sellers. With the ability to promote and do quirky videos for free, it can gain traction for sales and brand awareness at an incredible pace.


Some sellers have experienced amazing results from TikTok, which has helped to send some businesses to a higher profit level. Social media platforms are a great way to use for promoting Esty stores. They help to build brand awareness and unlock new opportunities besides Etsy.

Becoming an Etsy Guru

Online marketplaces require effort and energy to keep interest and sales high. There are benefits to learning SEO skills, which help with product listing search ranks. Having visual-enhanced photographs of the products is a major factor to consider. Looking at setting up a studio at home and checking available rooms for equipment is becoming quite popular.


Consistent monitoring of user stats helps gauge if traffic is at a good level. Being on top of the Etsy listings and traffic is a top priority for many users.

Unfortunately, Etsy is no longer tailored to just independent arts and crafts, many large companies sell commercial products and prints at low prices. Despite this, Etsy still has a large artist base which will keep growing.

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