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Learn About Large-Format Scanning

Used throughout a vast range of industries scanning is beneficial for converting physical documents, images or artwork into digital files.

Posted by Stef Cowie

Used throughout a vast range of industries large-format scanning is beneficial for converting physical documents, images or artwork into digital files.

Why is Large Scanning Required?

Large scanning is mainly used in art projects, CAD drawings, art, blueprints, maps and other promotions. Wide-format printers with a digital scanning feature create superb scans of the original document in various digital formats such as PDFs. Digital files can be transferred from the printer on a USB stick or uploaded via a shared folder on the PC.

Drawing Scans
A4/A3 Scanner

If there is only one hard copy of an important document, scanning is a useful option, as it can be scanned and saved digitally as a high-resolution file. If the hard copy is ripped or crinkled then it may require more time to process as may cause additional damage within the printer’s scan feeder.

Scanned Physical Documents

  • Blueprints
  • Maps
  • CAD Plots
  • Draft Drawings
  • Circuit Diagrams
  • Art Prints

Many different settings are available for the scan to match the document’s needs. For example, if a draft drawing is being scanned in colour, the correct scan setting is line art mode, which will provide the best results. Artwork prints require a different setting with a high-resolution mode activated, to produce enhanced colours and details.


Archiving is one of the main reasons to create a digital copy of a hard copy document. This is fruitful for important hard copies in archive storage that have no digital copies as a backup. A record of the hard copy is always advisable as the hard copy may become damaged or go missing.

Indexing Scans

Scanning can be a quick process, but the task can increase if there are numerous documents. The digital files can be directly saved onto cloud platforms or on USB sticks. Each scan file can be renamed and indexed, so is easy to locate files without going through all the old archives records.

Digital Files

Most businesses no longer have a dedicated store room for archives as the digital world has taken over. Digitisation allows for easier storage and sharing of oversized documents by email or on cloud platforms.

Standard File Options:

  • PDF
  • TIFF
  • JPG

Once a company processes all-important documents from scanning, the hard copies are sometimes destroyed as no longer required. Old archive store spaces are being adapted and used for other benefits for the business.

Large-format Scanning Service

We provide large-format scanning for various clients including the construction industry, artists, Universities, and architects. From delicate documents to old historical plans our printer can scan all documents with the correct setting activated. With a dedicated storage space for clients’ hard copies, we create a safe area to ensure no damage occurs.

Large-format Scanning Service

We assess documents prior to providing a scanning quote. If you have a scanning project please drop us a message with your requirements.

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