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Poster Adverts: A Powerful Tool For Effective Communication

Posters have long been recognised as an influential traditional marketing tool for conveying messages and captivating target audiences. 

Posted by Stef Cowie

Traditional Poster Advertising

With eye-catching poster designs and concise content, printed visuals are a great option to promote events, sales and art, amongst many other applications. Typically the usage of sentence variety impacts the word choice and placement.

Researching font types, to match the vibe of the poster topic and content is another element that will be beneficial. Utilising the best-suited font for the poster without being afraid to keep it simple, will attract traction for the viewer. 

bus stop adverts

Depending on the word count, whether it’s high or low, planning the layout around this, is extremely beneficial before creating any visuals. The placement of graphics, colours and font is also important when creating the right balance for the viewer’s attention.

Bus stops have been around for a long time and are used daily by the community, thus creating a superb advertisement opportunity. They are a great way to attract attention from passengers and passersby. Highly populated areas especially in big cities, are highly popular amongst many advertisers due to the diverse range of target audiences.

Poster Paper Types

There are many different poster paper types and sizes.  From smooth and matt poster paper to gloss and satin finishes, there are many variations available. Typically a large-format printer is required for posters above size A3.

Many advertisers showcase their products via posters, so exploring the different paper textures and paperweights is advisable. The heavier the paperweight, the more depth will show, creating an enhanced visual. Some posters may only require lower-budget paper, especially for short-term projects. 


Whether it’s glossy or matte, the finish of the poster paper plays a crucial role in attracting attention and enhancing the overall appeal of the advert.  The paper’s durability ensures long-lasting visibility, making it an ideal choice for indoor.  There are many choices for outdoor advertisements such as banner paper that typically has a water-resistant surface.

The Focal Point

Most posters have a visual element which will be the main focal point. It could be an illustration in the background or an image of a product for example. 


After the focal point has been confirmed, it will create the visual hierarchy. Having the right focal point ensures that the viewer absorbs the visual in the best order to obtain the flow of the message within the poster.

Portrait Images

If a promotion requires a portrait of a person displayed on the poster, then the position of the person is an element to consider when creating the mockup. 


Getting the right location or backdrop will help portray a genuine expression that enhances a natural vibe. When the subject of the poster is looking directly at the camera, it creates strong eye contact enabling an attention grab for the viewer.

The Power of Active Voice

Active voice injects energy and directness into poster adverts, engaging the audience and driving their attention towards the desired call-to-action. The use of active voice adds strength to the message and aids in conveying it with clarity and impact.


By employing active verbs such as “discover,” “experience,” and “transform,” advertisers create a sense of urgency and empower viewers to take immediate action.


Poster adverts continue to be a formidable tool for effective communication. Using high-quality poster paper and advanced toners, the finished product will ensure attention.

Carefully selecting impactful words, advertisers create visually stunning adverts that leave a lasting impression on their target audience

Incorporating a plethora of transition words, embracing the power of active voice and employing sentence variety, are all part of creating a visual and informative piece of marketing.

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