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Quirky Wall Art: Creative Wall Space Tips

Uncover the secrets behind quirky wall art in our blog.

Posted by Stef Cowie

Make your home decor truly one-of-a-kind with quirky wall art. Discover creative DIY ideas and tips to help you craft your own playful and unique pieces.

Embracing The Quirkiness

quirky wall space

Have you ever thought about what quirky wall art entails? Quirky is subjective and can be defined in various ways. There are no strict guidelines – it’s all about your perception. The options are vast, whether you lean towards abstract paintings, vintage posters or photographs.

Quirky pictures offer a fun way to showcase your personality. Dare to be bold and take risks with your choices. Allow your imagination to take the lead.

Creative Inspiration


Before you begin, make sure to gather inspiration from a variety of sources. Take a look at Pinterest and Instagram, or visit art galleries to see what inspires you. Quirky wall art often includes abstract art, pop art, and typography. Once you’ve found designs that speak to you, it’s time to take the next step.

Creating Your Own Wall Art

If you have custom prints, we can print them on the best paper and texture for the wall art. If you have artwork in high-resolution files and would like a quote get in touch with your requirements.


You don’t have to have professional art skills to design captivating wall art. Digital design platforms such as Canva or Adobe Creative Suite offer user-friendly tools for creating beautiful designs. Explore different colours, shapes, and typography to develop a distinctive piece of art that mirrors your personality.

Quirky Custom Prints



There are many print houses across the UK that can help with custom prints. Our poster portal page provides a low-cost option to create your quirky wall art in specific sizes. If there are sizes that are not listed we can print them too! Our print service also provides collection from our store in Newcastle under Lyme as well as a delivery option.

We Can Print Your Quirky Wall Art

Get creative with wall space and let us do the rest. From art paper to photograph media, we can print on the best paper for your wall art project.

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