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Top 5 Tips For High-Quality Printing

Discover methods to enhance printing results by simply adapting techniques for stunning prints.

Posted by Stef Cowie

#1 Quality Print Consumables

Branded ink toners, normally produce superior print results compared to unbranded ink. Even though lower-cost toner is a good option, it typically produces less flow and crispness.


For top-quality print projects such as photographs and artwork, branded ink such as HP or Canon are advisable. For general copying tasks, unbranded toner would suffice. Following the manufacturer’s recommendations would always be recommended.

#2 Enhanced Banner Results

The type of fabric is an imperative factor to consider when creating a promotional banner. For outdoor promotions, a vinyl banner with waterproof elements is beneficial, especially throughout the winter months.


There are many different paperweights for fabrics, the heavier-weight banners have a superior quality, which unlocks brighter colours and increases the depth of the visual. Solvent ink offers exceptional resistance against fading and is the only waterproof ink in the industry.

#3 Producing Quality Fine Art Prints

Art requires enhanced results that match the original exactly. The paper can be textured or smooth depending on what type of output the artists require. Considering a heavier paperweight and specialised Giclee printing will help to create stunning print copies.


Usually, large-format printers such as the Canon Pro-4000 are used for such printing due to the advanced technology the printer offers.

#4 Printer Maintenance is the Key

An important factor for printers is to keep their performance at a top level. Most printers update and operate a nozzle check regularly to keep the ink running smoothly. For best print results it is recommended to check ink levels and perform manual checks to keep the quality output high.

#5 Research

Combining the best print media with the right project is imperative for amazing results. As with any print task, researching suitable paper and fabric is an important priority. By using the best paper type with advanced ink toners, the results will be of the highest level.

Quality Printing & Supplies

If you have an exciting print project that requires specialised printing then get in touch with your requirements. We also provide enhanced fabrics and large-format paper for various applications.

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