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Poster Printing Guide

Types of Poster Papers

Poster paper is used throughout a varied range of industries as it helps to enhance traditional marketing projects for events, retail spaces and promotions.

Posted by Stef Cowie

Different Types of Poster Papers

As with many paper products they have various specifications which match different print jobs. If the print requires a high-standard finish then selecting the correct poster media is essential. Alternatively, if posters are only required for short-term projects for an event or presentation, low-budget paper is ideal as it limits the cost if numerous copies are required. 

Available in various paperweights, from heavy-duty 240gsm and 225gsm poster paper to lighter weights such as 190gsm.The heavier the paperweight the higher the quality and durability. It will also enhance the visual element of the art print and can used multiple times, unlike the lighter paper weights.

Cactus Art Poster

Lighter paperweights are a useful option for short-term promotions or projects. For example, a 190gsm satin poster paper would be ideal and because of the low costs would be viable for prints that are only displayed for a limited time.

There are many materials available for poster paper, such as card stock, text paper, paper board, and various synthetic options.

In regards to sizes, there are many different options from A4 sheets to 1600m rolls. It is important to select the correct paper size to match your printer’s core size and specification.

With other choices such as solvent and latex poster media, outdoor promotions would be achievable with these papers as they are more durable. Water-based inkjet paper is only suitable for indoor promotions as it does not contain water-resistant properties, unlike the solvent photo media.

Standard Poster Paper Sizes:

  • A0 (841mm x 1189mm)
  • A1 (594mm x 841mm)
  • A2 (420mm x 594mm)

Poster Paper Surfaces

Most poster paper has options for the surfaces, which can be gloss, satin, or lustre. Gloss is popular but can reflect light and reflections so an area with no direct light would be recommended. 

Abstract Poster

Satin is a popular choice as it doesn’t have as much impact with light glare. Lustre paper is a mixture of glossy and matte which provides a semi-gloss finish that doesn’t reflect the light. Matte finishes provide more depth and are usually used for projects that require a higher-quality finish.

Poster prints can also be laminated to create strength and a waterproof surface. Some people have posters printed at a lower paperweight and then have them laminated to be able to transport them without damage.

Printing Your Poster 

There are plenty of options for poster printing, a large-format printer is usually required for sizes larger than A3. If prints are only required in A4 or A3 then it’s worth checking if the desktop print can handle poster sheets as the thickness may impact the printer. 

Print houses usually offer poster printing services in-house and prints can be completed in nearly any size. A large poster printer’s width is normally at least 44”, it can print pretty much any length.

Quality Poster Printing

As well as being a poster paper supplier we also offer quality poster printing services using our Canon Pro-4000 printer. If you are interested please get in touch as we will be happy to help with your project.

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