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Wallpaper Trends

We look at why wallpapers are increasingly popular with many interior designers and businesses in recent years.

Posted by Stef Cowie

Interior Design

The interior design market is huge worldwide and continually grows with current home trends. With many companies and individual designers offering immense tailored services, there has been an explosion of unique wallpaper designs to ignite people’s homes with their versions and characteristics.


Many designers are offering wallpaper design and printing for customers who want a more unique style rather than purchasing paper available on the high street.

Fashionable Wallpaper

There was a time when wallpaper dropped out of favour and painting walls became more in vogue, especially with modern houses with their clear sleek rooms with no quirky features. Vibrant colours became very popular in the 90s and early 2000s but then wallpaper returned on the scene.


With feature walls becoming a popular theme throughout many homes, the patterns and colours became more daring throughout the early 00s. Many home improvement programs became more available, providing homeowners with new ideas for their homes. This helped to bring wallpaper media back in favour.

Wallpaper For Offices

Not only is wallpaper a great option for homes, but it has now become an option for many modern offices and workspaces.

From bland magnolia walls to impressive features that enhance the surroundings creating a positive vibe for the employees

Conference rooms are an important hub for many companies as this is where inspirational ideas and deals are done. Quite often this space gets left behind when it comes down to interior design. Many vibrant companies now use bespoke wallpaper within these important meeting rooms.


Some brands even use wallpaper to tell a story that is connected to their business, the history of the building or the location. It is a good talking point for any new clients. Some businesses add wallpaper designs that include warm colours, to create a peaceful atmosphere.

Home Offices and Studios

With the current work-from-home generation, it is important to create an office space that is separate from the rest of the house. Many homeowners have been creative by adding their artwork designs to the wallpaper fabric.


Creating unique wallpaper and surroundings helps as they connect with the positive environment that they have built. Enhancing a workspace, within a home or studio with your ideas and art is a superb way to obtain a cosiness whilst working on projects.

Wallpaper Fabric

From bespoke designs to impressive art features, wallpaper print media is mainly for solvent printing due to the quality required. There are many textures, paperweights and sizes when it comes to wallpaper rolls.

We provide a range of wallpaper print media that produces quality designs and enhanced colours for any wallpaper project.

Wallpaper Fabric Media

Check out our wallpaper print media range, we have various fabrics and specifications in stock.

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