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What is giclee printing

What Is Giclée Fine Art Printing?

Take a look at our latest blog which delves into Giclee, a method used to produce stunning prints from original artwork.

Posted by Stef Cowie

Printmaking industries use Giclee technics to generate stunning prints for a vast range of artists.

What Does Giclée Mean?

The word comes from the French term Gicler, translating “to squirt or spray”. The process involves using a digital image processed via specialised software and then sent to the large format inkjet printer. The next stage is when it sprays the ink onto the paper media.

The prestige term is used within the fine art world when referring to art prints at the highest level of quality. Many artists prefer the giclee method when selling or presenting copies of their artwork in a gallery setting.

Fine Art Paper

There are many different types of Giclee paper available. Fine art media has a heavier paper weight that provides thickness and texture, enhancing the visual art prints. Created by natural fibres like cotton, fine art paper is free from artificial chemicals like bleach and other whiteners. This unique feature prevents prints from turning yellow or fading over time.

Canvas and cotton giclee papers are popular amongst many artists due to their vibrancy and acid-free abilities.


Also known as archival prints, the paper used for reprints is an essential element for artists. Pigment inks are used in large-format printers and use 12-colour ink sets, creating superb giclee prints. Depending on storage conditions, prints produced with pigment inks are lightfast for up to 100+ years.

Depending on the desired effect of the art print, the surface finish is an essential factor to consider when looking at fine art papers.

A distinctly matt textured finish has a heavy paperweight of over 300gsm, delivering a remarkable museum-quality print. There is also a smooth matt paper option that is low-textured. With the enhanced density and colour definition, textured surfaces are favourable in the art industry.

With a mixture of characteristics, fine art paper delivers the right visual impact for any print. From matte, glossy, smooth to warm, you will have a diverse range of paper to choose from.

Framing Giclee Prints

There are many procedures to protect Giclee prints once they are ready to frame. There are even frames that are specialised to filter out UV light.

Fine Art Prints on Display
Fine Art Prints on Display

It is also a benefit to frame a fine art print without mounting as this may have acidic additives when using adhesives or tapes to attach the mount onto the print.

Fine Art Scanning

As well as printing, scanning fine art pieces involves advanced scanning equipment to capture colours in the exact shade. Large flatbed scanners match colours exactly to the original artwork. By using software to adapt the scan into prints, the scan of the reprint will be of the highest quality. Many printing companies offer specialised printing including our fine art printing services.


Giclee Print Service

With years of experience and knowledge, we have worked with many artists to create printed artwork in the best possible form. Drop us a message with your enquiry.

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